Ichiban Kuji

Ichiban Kuji Demon slayer - Tengen Uzui is Here! (LIVE)

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Estimate Arrival: 1st June 2022 live draw either afternoon live on 1st June or will bring forward to 2nd June night timing if the stock arrive late. 

SG Arrival Date: +2-3 months upon Estimated Release Date.

Promo Code:
Buy 5 tickets $2.5 off = $12.5 ticket

Buy 10 tickets $10 off = $12 each ticket

Prizes lineup:

  • Prize A: Tengen Uzui Figure 20cm 1/ 2 pcs
  • Prize B: Kamado Tanjiro Figure 14cm 1/ 1 pcs
  • Prize C: Tengen Uzui Figure 15cm 1/ 2 pcs
  • Prize D: Hashibira Inosuke Figure 10cm 1/ 1 pcs
  • Prize E: Kamado Nezuko Figure 10cm 1/ 1 pcs
  • Prize F: Tengen Uzui Plush 15cm 0/ 2 pcs
  • Prize G: Glass 8cm 5/ 8 pcs
  • Prize H: Towel 25cm 7/ 15 pcs
  • Prize I: Memo Set 9cm 14/ 23 pcs
  • Prize J: Charm 7.5-8.5cm 14/ 30 pcs
  • Double Chance Campaign - TBA

    Please note that this is for live kuji draw:

    • You are purchasing 1 ticket at the listed price. 
    • You will know what item you have won during/after the live draw. 
    • You don't have to be present during the draw, you can view the replay live draw video at at our facebook page. 
    • Kindly refer to FAQ Ichiban kuji for more information if you are first timer!
    • Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Ichiban Kuji purchased.
    • This product cannot be shipped to USA
    • Please note that bulkier items may have additional charges for delivery.