Ichiban Kuji


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Estimate Release: Around September 2021

Estimate Arrival: 16 dec 2022 live!

Prizes lineup:

  • Prize A: Broly Full Power Figure H:23cm / 1 pc
  • Prize B: Super Saiyan Gogeta Figure H:25cm / 2 pcs
  • Prize C: Super Saiyan Broly Figure, Controlled Super Saiyan Broly Figure (BLIND BOX) H:26cm / 2 pc
  • Prize D: Super Saiyan God Vegeta Figure H:24cm / 1 pc
  • Prize E: Golden Frieza Figure H:20cm / 1 pc
  • Prize F: Coola Final Form Figure H: 28cm / 1 pc
  • Prize G: Sacosh Bag H: 20cm / 16 pcs
  • Prize H: Rubber Coaster H:8cm / 28 pc
  • Prize I: Illustration Sheet B4 Size/ 28 pc
  • Last Prize: Broly Full Power Figure H:23cm / 1 pc
  • Double Chance: Broly Full Power Figure H:23cm / 1 pc

Please note that this is for live kuji draw:

  • You are purchasing 1 ticket at the listed price. 
  • You will know what item you have won during/after the live draw. 
  • You don't have to be present during the draw, you can view the replay live draw video at at our facebook page. We will update the PO numbers with the kuji prizes that you won on our facebook page.
  • Kindly refer to FAQ Ichiban kuji for more information if you are first timer!
  • Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Ichiban Kuji purchased.
  • This product cannot be shipped to USA
  • Please note that bulkier items may have additional charges for delivery.