Pikku Play Weekly Digimon Tamer Battle + Work shop (16/05/2023) 8pm

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Pikku Play Digimon Tamer Battle!!!

Entry: $9 ( 2x Digimon booster packs + Entry Monthly Promo Pack + workshop promo)

Total Pax: 16 pax ( 4 pax to start) will open 32 pax once full sign up

1st Champion promo Card + additional booster packs depend on turn up (up to 1 booster box)
2nd additional l booster packs depend on turn up (up to 12 packs)
3rd additional booster packs depend on turn up (up to 6 packs)
4th additional booster packs depend on turn up (up to 3 pack)

If prizes given out EX series (e.g EX-01- 03)
it will be divided to half of the prizes. (e.g Entry: $9 ( 1x Digimon booster pack + Entry Monthly Promo Pack)

Blk 466 Crawford Lane

Lucky Draw:
- 2x additional one pack for for all participants
- Champion promo card for one lucky winner.

Time: 8pm


Time limit per round: 50mins

- Best of 3 Rounds Swiss 3-5 depends on turn up might change to BO1.
- 2 deck rule

Ban List applies:
- Magazine promo not allowed.
- Standard Digimon ban list applied. (
- English cards are not allowed 

To join :

Terms and condition apply. No refund if never turn up for the tamer battle.
Any enquires please contact us via pm.
Please check out via self collection. There's no refund.
player who do multiple sign up per event will be ban (e.g same person sign up/ same person collect more than 1 promo pack during the event)